Joseph Massey · At Once

A 4.5 in. x 10 in. letterpress-printed broadside of a poem by Joseph Massey
limited to 100 copies can be purchased for $7.

Joseph Massey is the author of Areas of Fog (Shearsman Books, 2009) and eight chapbooks: Minima St. (Range, 2002; also available as a PDF download by clicking here), Eureka Slough (Effing Press, 2005), Bramble (Hot Whiskey, 2005), Property Line (Fewer & Further Press, 2006), November Graph (Longhouse, 2007), Within Hours (The Fault Line Press, 2008), Out of Light (Kitchen Press, 2008), The Lack Of (Nasturtium Press, 2010). Three chapbooks are forthcoming in 2010: Exit North (Book Thug), Mock Orange (Longhouse) and Won’t Say (OS Assemblies).

Joseph Massey (© 2008)