What an update! We’ve got work from Michael Autrey, Wes Benson, Derrick Buisch, Adam Fagin, S.M. Fattig, Norman Finkelstein, Chris Glomski, Whit Griffin, Ross Hair, Janet Holmes, Joseph Massey, Alexandra Mattraw, Amanda Nadelberg, Peter O’Leary, Mark Scroggins, Melissa Severin, Mike Sikkema, Shannon Tharp, Steven Toussaint, and Mark Truscott. Dig in!

We’ve got a new release from Story of the Sea, a 2CD album, half-instrumental and half-b-sides/alternate versions of their songs. Go get it.

Sally Delehant’s A Real Time of It, was reviewed at Read This Awesome Book. Peter O’Leary’s Luminous Epinoia was reviewed by Robert Archambeau over here and by Broc Rossell over at Colorado Review’s site.

Here’s a few publications by CultSoc contributors:

· Cerebus the Barbarian Messiah: Essays on the Epic Graphic Satire of Dave Sim and Gerhard, edited by Eric Hoffman

· The Way We Live, poems by Burt Kimmelman

· The Sixth Great Extinction, poems by Whit Griffin

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