In which our editor manages to stick to a semi-annual schedule.

This update features work from some new and some prior contributors: Michael Autrey, Sally Delehant, Joel Felix, and Joseph Massey. The picks are mine. Feel free to dive right in.

In other news here’s a review of Peter O’Leary’s Luminous Epinoia and a recording of O’Leary (laryngitically) reading from his work.

Cultural Society recording artists, BELLS≥, are playing a show in DC this weekend to benefit FIGHT SMA, a cause close to our hearts. If you or anyone you know is in or near the Nation’s Capitol this Friday, please join us.

Further, we’re looking forward to Chris Glomski’s forthcoming The Nineteenth Century, which will be available from this society this summer.

Further still, we’re laying plans for a Cultural Society 10th Anniversary Event, the location and particulars of which are yet to be determined but we’re shooting for October.

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