Poems from Peter O’Leary

It’s been nearly a year since we’ve published new work here at the site and, frankly, we’re happy to draw that stretch to a close. We have for you, then, four new poems from Peter’O’Leary (pictured above, photo by David Pavelich): “Thirteenth Amanita Ode Ethnomycology and Image,” “Sixteenth Amanita Ode Kabiroi,” “The Daughter of Night,” and “A Few Rhymes Out of Milton.”

These poems inaugurate a shift in policy here at the CultSoc website, according to which we’ll be posting smaller updates with greater frequency, featuring work by single contributors.

In other news, we’ve got books from Tom Fisher and Chris Glomski coming later this year. More on those developments is on the horizon. Thanks again for reading here.