10th Anniversary Event

The Cultural Society 10th Anniversary

The wheels are officially in motion for the 10th Anniversary Event. It’s a two-parter on October 8th, 2011 with readings and a reception at Poets House in the afternoon and live musical performances at Bruar Falls at night. The Poets House portion of our celebration will be free; there will be a $10. admission to Bruar Falls.

The readings will feature Brooklyn Copeland, Jon Curley, Sally Delehant, Norman Finkelstein, Chris Glomski, Michael Heller, Eric Hoffman, Philip Jenks, Peter O’Leary, Mark Scroggins, Chuck Stebelton, and Shannon Tharp.

The rock show will feature sets from David Grubbs, Drew O’Doherty, J. Robbins, and BELLS≥ (Robbins and BELLS≥ will both be joined by Gordon Withers on cello).

There’s more news to come but I thought I’d start getting the word out.

Thanks again.