Delights abound: poems from Jon Curley, Tom Fisher, Roberto Harrison, Joseph Massey & Jess Mynes, Amanda Nadelberg, Peter O’Leary, Gregory J. Ott, John Phillips, Christopher Rizzo, Cindy Savett, Kate Schapira, Mark Scroggins, Melissa Severin, Shannon Tharp, & Jen Tynes; prose from John Phillips, Bronwen Tate (prose-poems), & Tyrone Williams.

Additionally, we’ve got a PDF chapbook by the illustrious Sandra Simonds & much to my pleasure, a PDF edition of Philip Jenks’ The Elms Left Elm Street, a chapbook first published by my own Plane Buckt Press way back in 1994. Joseph Bradshaw brought this revival to bear & generously contributed an introductory essay.

Furthermore, there’s photos from Cary Conover & paintings by Derrick Buisch over at the images page, & the picks this round are mine.

Other news: CultSoc contributor Norman Finkelstein’s Passing Over is now available from Marsh Hawk Press. It’s a wonderful collection of poems written before his monumental Track (& the trilogy-completing Columns & Powers). Go buy it.

I should also mention that this update marks the CultSoc’s 6th Anniversary. Not as convenient a milestone as those divisible by 5s but a nice one just the same.

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