For all practical purposes, it’s summer here at CultSoc headquarters but the heat brings no slowing of activity. We’ve drummed up a first-rate selection of poems & prose for your pleasured perusal: Joel Bettridge, Norman Finkelstein, Michael Heller, Joseph Massey (who also provided this update’s picks), Michael Prasil, & Philip Jenks are back to welcome new contributors Burt Kimmelman, Robert Murphy, James Robinson, & Tyrone Williams. Now, that’s a society.

In other news, Michael Heller’s got a wonderful new chapbook out from Dos Madres which collects writing from the 1960s. They’ve also got chaps by CultSoc contributors Norman, Finkelstein, Peter O’Leary, Robert Murphy, & Tyrone Williams.

Quemadura has published 2A, an oblique & penetrating collaboration by Geoffrey G. O’Brien & Jeff Clark.

Ken Jacobs’ Star Spangled to Death is now available on DVD. You can order it here. You can read a 2003 CultSoc interview with Ken here.

Do some shopping/beat the heat.

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Thanks again.