This update is an unusal one to say the least. Delays piled upon delays have brought me to a situation in which I did not expect to find myself, trying to dig out of a nine-month gap since the last update. The work collected here is thus roughly half of what’s on deck — or perhaps less than half — but I determined it would be better to post some of it now rather than present a still-delayed, essentially-unwieldly update another month from now.

So first & foremost, I apologize to the contributors whose work has yet to appear. My hope is that the current situation does not reflect poorly on my feeling for your work but instead on my inability to manage this site through much of this calendar year. If you are in the yet-to-appear group & wish to be removed from its roster, please let me know.

That said, this update features poems by Robert P. Baird, Dot Devota, Roberto Harrison, Michael Heller, Eric Hoffman, Andrew Lundwall, Alexandra Mattraw, Peter O’Leary, Mark Scroggins, Chuck Stebelton, Shannon Tharp, John Tipton, & Tyrone Williams; prose comes from Joseph Bradshaw, Norman Finkelstein, & Peter O’Leary. Picks, such as they are, are mine.

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This update features poems from Robert Archambeau, Wes Benson, Joseph Bradshaw, Jon Curley, Norman Finkelstein, Michael Heller, Matthew Henriksen, Gregory Ott, Adam Fleming Petty, John Phillips, Pam Rehm, Mark Scroggins, Chuck Stebelton, Jason Stumpf, & Shannon Tharp; prose comes courtesy of Peter O’Leary & Mathias Svalina; images are from Cary Conover (including two video pieces), Derrick Buisch, & Drew Kunz. the third of whom also provided the picks.

The period between this update & the previous one was due in no small part to our return to Brooklyn. Though I apologize for the gap, I’m otherwise pleased to report that we’re basically settled in & very excited to be back in our favorite borough.

If you think of it, join our group on/at Facebook. It’s always nice to see who’s stopping by.

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This update features poems from Robert Archambeau, Jon Curley, Norman Finkelstein, Matthew Henriksen, Eric Hoffman, Philip Jenks, Amanda Nadelberg, Peter O’Leary, Gregory Ott, Chuck Stebelton, Shannon Tharp, John Tipton, & Jamie Townsend; & prose from Michael Henson & Tyrone Williams. We’ve also got photographs from Cary Conover &Beth Cook, & other images by Derrick Buisch & Sarah Conner. The picks are provided by Jeff Clark & Matthew Henriksen.

In other news, as some of you already know, we’ve recently published a broadside of a poem by Joseph Massey. It’s a lovely piece of poetry & printing. Buy one today.

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This update brings poems from Robert Archambeau, Dan Beachy-Quick, Claire Becker, Joel Bettridge, Norman Finkelstein, Gina Myers, Peter O’Leary, Michael Prasil, Pam Rehm, Kate Schapira, & Chuck Stebelton; & prose from Joseph Bradshaw & Chris Zinger. We’ve also got photographs from Cary Conover & picks from Jesse Pires & myself.

In other news, as some of you already know, we’ve released a one-sided, clear vinyl 12″ EP gathering one song each from 4 Twin Cities bands. For the technologically encumbered, it’s also available via iTunes & Amazon MP3 download. The bands are Story of the Sea, The Million (my band; I play drums), Hail, Architect, & Self-Evident. Not only do I encourage you to pick up a copy one way or another, I’m guessing that, unless your rock music aversion is running high these days, you’re likely to enjoy at least of the bands.

Thanks to all of the contributors for their patience during the delay-a-thon that led up to this update.

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Delights abound: poems from Jon Curley, Tom Fisher, Roberto Harrison, Joseph Massey & Jess Mynes, Amanda Nadelberg, Peter O’Leary, Gregory J. Ott, John Phillips, Christopher Rizzo, Cindy Savett, Kate Schapira, Mark Scroggins, Melissa Severin, Shannon Tharp, & Jen Tynes; prose from John Phillips, Bronwen Tate (prose-poems), & Tyrone Williams.

Additionally, we’ve got a PDF chapbook by the illustrious Sandra Simonds & much to my pleasure, a PDF edition of Philip Jenks’ The Elms Left Elm Street, a chapbook first published by my own Plane Buckt Press way back in 1994. Joseph Bradshaw brought this revival to bear & generously contributed an introductory essay.

Furthermore, there’s photos from Cary Conover & paintings by Derrick Buisch over at the images page, & the picks this round are mine.

Other news: CultSoc contributor Norman Finkelstein’s Passing Over is now available from Marsh Hawk Press. It’s a wonderful collection of poems written before his monumental Track (& the trilogy-completing Columns & Powers). Go buy it.

I should also mention that this update marks the CultSoc’s 6th Anniversary. Not as convenient a milestone as those divisible by 5s but a nice one just the same.

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This update is late (I apologize) & (relatively) gigantic: poems from Dan Beachy-Quick, Jon Curley, Norman Finkelstein, Graham Foust, Michael Heller, Janet Holmes, Justin Marks, Joseph Massey, Gina Myers & Dustin Williamson, Jess Mynes, John Phillips, Michael Prasil, Christopher Rizzo, Shannon Tharp, & Aaron Tieger. In prose we’ve got Joseph Bradshaw’s review of Joseph Massey’s Property Line, Robert Arachambeau & Sarah Conner, & Jeremy Biles on William Blake. Images are from Cary Conover & Drew Kunz, & Stacy Szymaszek & Drew Kunz provide the Picks.

So, really, just dive right in.

Also, as you may or may not know, Joel Bettridge’s THAT ABRUPT HERE is now available for purchase. Buy one, please.

Furthermore, this website is now searchable via the link up in the toolbar. If you have any improvement-suggestions, etc., drop me a line via the contact page.

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Such an update! Poems from Jon Curley, Norman Finkelstein, Devin Johnston, Burt Kimmelman, Kate Ledger, Joseph Massey, Jason Ian Moriber, Robert Murphy, Peter O’Leary, Michael Prasil, Pam Rehm, Mark Scroggins, Jason Stumpf, Stacy Szymaszek, & Shannon Tharp. Prose this round comes from Tyrone Williams & Amanda Nadelberg reviews Jen Tynes’ The End of Rude Handles.

Picks come courtesy of Pam Rehm & Peter O’Leary.

So get in there!

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Happy new year & thanks again.



So here we are: 5 years old.There’s not much to say about it except that I’d like to thank all of our contributors & supporters for their contributions & support. We’ve made a good number of friends since we started this Society, published a handful of things, moved across the country 2.5 times, & felt privileged through it all to be able to produce this website. Thanks for stopping by.

This update is, in this editor’s estimation, enormous : we’ve got reviews of Norman Finkelstein & Peter O’Leary by Jon Curley; poems from Dan Beachy-Quick, Norman Finkelstein, Graham Foust, Aaron McCollough, Robert Murphy, John Phillips, Nate Pritts, Sun Yung Shin, Sam Ward, & Tyrone Williams; prose from Michael Heller; photographs from Paul Biedrzycki, Cary Conover, & Carlyle V. Smith; picks from Graham Foust & Sam Ward. We’ve also got our first online chapbook, a PDF republication of Joseph Massey’s Minima St.

In other news , Jen Tynes has a short reveiw of Pam Rehm’s Saving Bonds (& work by Jess Mynes & Joshua Marie Wilkinson as well) over at H_ngm_n; Andrew Edwards & Jon Curley have fired up Tempest Press (check the blog, too); & Norman Finkelstein,Dan Beachy-Quick, & Zach Barocas will be reading at Magers and Quinn on 09.24.06 (you can get the scoop at our events page). If I forgot anything, drop me a line.

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Thanks again.



For all practical purposes, it’s summer here at CultSoc headquarters but the heat brings no slowing of activity. We’ve drummed up a first-rate selection of poems & prose for your pleasured perusal: Joel Bettridge, Norman Finkelstein, Michael Heller, Joseph Massey (who also provided this update’s picks), Michael Prasil, & Philip Jenks are back to welcome new contributors Burt Kimmelman, Robert Murphy, James Robinson, & Tyrone Williams. Now, that’s a society.

In other news, Michael Heller’s got a wonderful new chapbook out from Dos Madres which collects writing from the 1960s. They’ve also got chaps by CultSoc contributors Norman, Finkelstein, Peter O’Leary, Robert Murphy, & Tyrone Williams.

Quemadura has published 2A, an oblique & penetrating collaboration by Geoffrey G. O’Brien & Jeff Clark.

Ken Jacobs’ Star Spangled to Death is now available on DVD. You can order it here. You can read a 2003 CultSoc interview with Ken here.

Do some shopping/beat the heat.

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Thanks again.