“Degrees” by Steven Toussaint

This update features work from Steven Toussaint, a longtime contributor to the CultSoc. “Degrees” marks something of a departure for Toussaint from the poems that culminated in The Bellfounder, as he turns his attention to more local matters. As committed as ever to resonance and tone, the lines in “Degrees” are the work of a skilled poet affirming domestic impact, spirit, and materiality.


New Poems from Sun Yung Shin

We have two new poems from Sun Yung Shin for you this update. Click here and here to have a look at these mythic considerations and imaginings of beauty, power, and death. If you’d like to review her previous contribution to the site, you can do so here. Sun Yung Shin is the author of Unbearable Splendor (2016), Rough, and Savage (2014), and Skirt Full of Black (2007), and the editor of A Good Time for the Truth: Race in Minnesota (2016) among others.


Poems from Amanda Nadelberg

We’re very happy to have excerpts from Amanda Nadelberg’s There Have Been Some Days I Didn’t Know Your Name, a long poem in progress. You can find them here, here, and here. You can click here for her previous contributions to the CultSoc. Amanda Nadelberg is the author of Songs from a Mountain (2016), Bright Brave Phenomena (2012), and Isa the Truck Named Isadore (2006).


Poems from Peter O’Leary

It’s been nearly a year since we’ve published new work here at the site and, frankly, we’re happy to draw that stretch to a close. We have for you, then, four new poems from Peter’O’Leary (pictured above, photo by David Pavelich): “Thirteenth Amanita Ode Ethnomycology and Image,” “Sixteenth Amanita Ode Kabiroi,” “The Daughter of Night,” and “A Few Rhymes Out of Milton.”

These poems inaugurate a shift in policy here at the CultSoc website, according to which we’ll be posting smaller updates with greater frequency, featuring work by single contributors.

In other news, we’ve got books from Tom Fisher and Chris Glomski coming later this year. More on those developments is on the horizon. Thanks again for reading here.


National Poetry Month Posts

Hello again! This is a heads-up to keep an eye on our Instagram, twitter, and other social feeds: we’re celebrating National Poetry Month with daily views of our own publications as well as some guest spots from contributors and poets we’ve published over the last 15 years. Thanks again for your support.


It Might As Well Be Spring

In celebration of seasonal change, we’ve got a wonderful and sizable update for you this round. There’s work from Dan Beachy-Quick, Wes Benson, Derrick Buisch, Jon Curley, Paul Ebenkamp, Norman Finkelstein, Tom Fisher, Whit Griffin, Michael Heller, Joseph Massey, Alexandra Mattraw, Amanda Nadelberg, Peter O’Leary, Gregory Ott, Mark Scroggins, Sandra Simonds, Chuck Stebelton, Steven Toussaint, and Sarah Walcott.
Have a look around. It’s like walking down a strange new street, hearing words you’ve never never heard from a poet you’ve yet to meet.1

Worth looking into elsewhere:
Jon Curley interview with Eric Hoffman at the Conversant
Ronald Johnson’s ARK, edited by Peter O’Leary, was a 2014 Pegasus Award Finalist
Records Ruin the Landscape: John Cage, the Sixties, and Sound Recording, by David Grubbs
is now available

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  1. Lyrics adapted, of course, to suit our current purpose.



Hello again! First of all, this update brings poems from Robert Archambeau, Wes Benson, Brooklyn Copeland, S.M. Fattig, Norman Finkelstein, Graham Foust, Logan Fry, Ross Hair, Michael Heller, Matthew Henriksen, Tim Keane, Andrew Lundwall, Christopher Martin, Patrick Morrissey, Peter O’Leary, David Pavelich, Douglas Piccinnini, Pam Rehm, Dan Rosenberg, Moxie Schults, Mark Scroggins, and Mike Sikkema, plus some studio and work notations from Derrick Buisch. It’s a lot of work to take in but you can do it. We believe in you!


In other news, we’ve published three books this year: Peter O’Leary’s Phosphorescence of Thought (which you can read about here), Shannon Tharp’s Vertigo in Spring (which has received nice mention and attention here and here), and Whit Griffin’s A Far-Shining Crystal. You should buy them and make your reading life a better one. Our final book for 2013 is Michael Autrey’s Our Fear, which is now available for pre-order. You should buy that one, too.

Some of our contributors have had work published elsewhere since our last update:
The Poet Resigns, Robert Archambeau
Interview with Michael Heller, Jon Curley
Burial, by Claire Donato
Gradually the World: New and Selected Poems, 1982-2013, Burt Kimmelman
First Ayres, by Steven Manuel
Thaw Compass, Joseph Massey
Hold It Down, by Gina Meyers (scroll down a bit)
Companion Grasses, by Brian Teare

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Whit Griffin’s A Far-Shining Crystal


We’re very happy to announce the publication of Whit Griffin’s newest collection of poems, A Far-Shining Crystal.

You can purchase the book by clicking the cover image above.


New Books by Shannon Tharp and Peter O’Leary

Vertigo in Spring + Phosphorescence of Thought

Order your copies via our publications page.